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Operations Support

For projects or day-to-day administration, we provide a wealth of experience in IT, Telecom and Facilities support, on a short or long-term basis.

We are able to provide economical solutions for business requirements and corporate projects without the overhead of permanent staff. With our experience and strategic partnerships, there is no corporate task we cannot undertake.

Many small to medium sized companies do not employ full time professionals to manage their telecommunications, IT and facilities requirements. Technolia will act as a virtual management team providing all the benefits of having in-house technology and facilities professionals, including Help Desk Operations, Telecom Provisioning, and Facilities Management.

Today's businesses depend on operational infrastructure like never before. As simple and obvious as this statement seems, it is often forgotten in the day-to-day demands of an evolving company. The results can be catastrophic when a company has to deliver its product to the marketplace and stumbles over infrastructure problems. Tactical flexibility to cope with fast-track evolution can only be achieved effectively when a strong infrastructure and operations strategy is in place.

We will pull together all of the pieces and parties in your project and keep everyone on track while you focus on managing your business.

We are confident that our depth of experience in all situations will deliver tangible savings, resulting in a payback well in excess of our fees.

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