Billing Audits
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Inventory Management
Cost Allocations

Billing Audits

We scrutinize your bills for errors and obtain refunds and ongoing savings on your behalf.

Technology billing errors are estimated at $50 billion a year nationwide. Most businesses spend 10% of their telecom budgets on outdated services, errors, duplicate invoices, incorrect taxes and other inaccurate charges. Our telecom billing experts will utilize their decades of experience to find those mistakes on your bills.

At no cost, Technolia will perform a complete analysis of your telecom bills and physically identify all lines and equipment. Our telecom billing experts verify your past and current charges against tariffs and contracts to identify errors and over payments. We then negotiate with your service providers to obtain refunds and ongoing bill reductions on your behalf.

Our fee is contingency based and due only when you've begun to realize savings, or have received a refund. If we are unable to reduce your monthly telecommunications costs or obtain refunds, you owe us nothing. Either way, you are assured that your phone bills are accurate and that your rates are the lowest available from your preferred vendors.

As part of our engagement, Technolia will:

  • Oversee implementation of approved changes.

  • Review services on a continuing monthly basis to ensure that you have the most efficient and least expensive solutions available.

  • Provide both strategic and tactical resources to assist with management of technology services, including:

    • Policies and Procedures

    • Help Desk Operations

    • Inventory Management

    • Cost Allocations


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